Onboarding into a new job is one of the crucibles of leadership. 40% of newly hired executives fail within 18 months*. Many more just don’t move fast enough to distinguish themselves. NewJobPrep sets you up to deliver better results faster and avoid critical mistakes.

With guidance from the leading executive transition advisor, PrimeGenesis, you’ll create and execute a personal 100-day job action plan for your new leadership role – at any level. Each step in the NewJobPrep.com work stream combines instructional video, self-paced work and email mentoring from a PrimeGenesis partner to help you craft your plan based on the limited information you have now – essentially creating working hypotheses that you will test and evolve as you learn more. The program concludes with a one hour phone consultation with your PrimeGenesis coach.

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George Bradt
Managing Director, PrimeGenesis & NewJobPrep.com
Best-selling author, The New Leader’s 100-Day Action Plan 

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* as reported by Anne Fisher in Fortune – Feb 17, 2012, “About 40% of executives who change jobs or get promoted fail in the first 18 months.”  She goes on to note that research shows that number “has stood at about 40% for at least 15 years now.”  Yet, the same number for people helped by PrimeGenesis is 10% – a fourfold reduction in risk.