Team Onboarding

"Get done in 100-days what normally takes 6-12 months”

PrimeGenesis helps onboard teams during acquisitions, mergers and the like. The core of our work is the development and implementation of 100-day action plans to align leadership teams and jump-start strategic, organizational and operating processes to deliver better results faster.

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100-day Action Plan Components:

  • Prep session with leaders to lay out 100-day action plansSlide1
  • Session to align leadership teams before the merger or acquisition close
  • Day one communication with organization and other stakeholders
  • Strategic imperative workshop to jump-start strategic process
  • Sessions to plan out and begin implementing organizational evolution
  • Sessions to jump-start or accelerate more disciplined operating practices
  • Behind the scenes coaching on ongoing communication

Slide1When is PrimeGenesis’ Team Onboarding service appropriate?

We strive to be as good as it gets at helping new teams deliver better results faster based on our team, tools, and perspective. Our own team includes CEOs, Presidents, & Managing Directors who’ve practiced what we preach. We’ve written the books and tools including “The New Leader’s 100-Day Action Plan” and the upcoming "The New Team's 100-Day Action Plan.  Our perspective comes from the combination of historical line management experience and single-minded deliberate practice of executive onboarding and transition acceleration since 2003.

Unlike executive onboarding which is focused on individual leaders moving into complex situations, team onboarding is designed to help new teams deliver better results faster after a merger or acquisitions.

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