Team Acceleration

Get done in 100-days what normally takes 6-12 months

PrimeGenesis facilitates five critical building blocks to align people, plans and practices around a shared purpose and accelerate critical strategic, operational and organizational processes.  The five steps are:

  1. Strategic Imperative Workshop to get everyone on the same page – kicking off strategic process (within 1st 30 days of effort)
  2. Operational Milestones in place right after the workshop to kick off operational process
  3. Early Wins identified within the first 60 days of the effort and delivered within first six months to build team confidence
  4. Role Sort completed within first 70 days to kick off the organizational process to build and ADEPT team
  5. Communication efforts throughout as the glue that holds everything together.

Strategic Imperative Workshop

A PrimeGenesis facilitated team strategy development and planning workshop where teams co-create plans that yield alignment and results. This workshop gets the team on the same sheet and kicks off the team's strategic process. PrimeGenesis pushes to get relevant ideas aired. We use our operating experience to challenge, probe and, ultimately, stimulate consensus. Teams leave the Strategic Imperative Workshop with a clear, one page action plan.

All of the work that we have advanced builds from the very transformational (Imperative Workshop) meeting we had at…

Operational Milestones

We help the team construct, target and set up systems to manage well-chosen, strategic milestones. Team Milestones and Early Wins kick off the operational process.

Early Wins

This stage of transition acceleration helps the team select one or more high-priority operational milestones and plan an over-investment of resources that sets the team up to exceed expectations. Early wins build confidence, model exceptional performance and communicate strength.

Role Sort

The #1 thing experienced leaders wish they’d done differently is to have moved faster on people. PrimeGenesis works with leaders to map his/her team on a performance versus person/role match grid. Together we determine what needs to be done to get the right people with the right skills in the roles needed to achieve the team plan.


Culture-shaping communication s an essential component of team acceleration.  It’s important to lay out the guiding idea/message, communication points, and media/touch points so the leader and team can implement them through everything they do.

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