Why Overcoming Inertia Takes Two Whys

No one changes until they believe they must change, can envision themselves in a better future and know how they can be part of the solution and way forward. This starts with their understanding: 1) Why they can’t keep doing what they have been doing the way they have been doing it and 2) Why […]

Three Priorities in Ensuring a Smooth M&A Deal

AMN Healthcare Services CEO Susan Salka says its most recent acquisition of Medfinders is going “exceptionally well.” She believes the acquisition has strengthened its position as the country’s largest health care staffing company, leading to a doubling of fill rates, keeping more services “in-house”, and helping win more business. She’s pleased because AMN’s customers, leadership […]

Onboarding from the Front Foot

  All the leadership skills in the world won't make a difference if you're practicing transition management from the back foot.  On the one hand, preparation breeds confidence and the more prepared you are in advance the better – whether you are the leader moving into a new role or the boss bringing someone in […]

Chiquita CEO Fernando Aguirre on Inspiring and Enabling Others


When the more experienced speakers at CEO Connection’s CEO Boot Camps are asked to look back on their executive training and careers and reflect on what they most regret, every single one of them has talked about not moving faster on people. As Chiquita CEO Fernando Aguirre told me in a recent interview: I’m a […]

Transition Management Requires Depth

  There was moment in the waning moments of Saturday evening's NCAA Basketball semi-final between UConn and Kentucky when the Kentucky team ran out of gas.  It was just a moment; and during the ensuing time out, their coach, John Calipari, re-energized them.  We'll never know if that was the moment that cost them the […]