Why Raising The Yellow Flag For Help Is A Sign Of A Strong Team

Stronger teams are made up of people ready, willing and able to help each other – people worth calling.

“My Team” is an Oxymoron

The two words don't go together.  "My" is first person possessive, referring to personal ownership by the speaker.  "Team" is a group working together with a shared purpose.  The moment someone says "my team", that person is setting themself above the team and apart from other teams.  If they are above or apart from the […]

The difference between a generalist and a specialist

What's the difference between a generalist and a specialist?  A generalist knows less and less about more and more until eventually he or she knows nothing about everything.  A specialist knows more and more about less and less until eventually he or she knows everything about nothing.  Either taken to its logical conclusion is useless […]

Up and Out, In and Down (Part 1)

Rick’s Experience One of my clients named Rick was brought into a finance organization that, for all intents and purposes, was broken.  The company had grown rapidly through both acquisition and organic growth, and his predecessor had paid attention primarily to internal workings and processes.  As a result, no one in the broader organization was […]

Managing the Toxic Team Member

One of the comments I received after my last post was that I was waxing too philosophical.Guilty as charged, and I was unabashedly so. But I don’t want this blog to drift into spongy platitudes, so I’m going to shift gears and address a problem virtually every manager has dealt with at one time or […]