What Facebook Must Do To Transfer Acquired Karma’s Karma

The hard side of Facebook’s acquisition of Karma, the data transfer, is relatively easy. The soft side is harder

Don’t Lead Until You Have Earned the Right to Lead in a New Job

“About 40% of executives who change jobs or get promoted fail in the first 18 months.” As Anne Fisher points out in a recent Fortune article, this has been true for about 15 years A big reason for the ongoing failure rate is the inability of executives to determine the right time to pivot from […]

New Ideas in Onboarding Thought Leadership

The most important new ideas coming out of last week’s Conference Board Onboarding Lab include 1) Deploying a systemic integrated approach to onboarding, 2) Personalizing onboarding efforts and 3) Not leading until you’ve earned the right to lead. I helped lead last week’s session along with authors Ed Betof, Michael Watkins, Mark Stein and Lilith […]

The Cure for Incompetent Onboarding

Most executives are incompetent when it comes to onboarding into a new role. That’s not a problem – just so long as they are conscious of their incompetence and get help. Successfully moving into a new leadership role requires converging into the team first, and then evolving the team. The issue is that converging and […]

Warning: Early Wins for New Leaders Can be Counterproductive

Early team wins are important for new leaders, but not all victories are created equal. External wins outside of the organization or team are more impactful than internal ones. Individual wins, either external or internal, can be counterproductive if a leader hasn’t yet gained the support of his or her team.   External/Team Early Wins […]