Why You Must Lead Differently As Your Team Grows

Just when you think you’ve got your team and situation figured out, things change – especially when you’re growing. As your team grows, focus on a different component of the BRAVE leadership framework. The BRAVE approach helps leaders build their team by uniting them around a shared purpose, and it reflects an acronym that stands […]

Warning: Early Wins for New Leaders Can be Counterproductive

Early team wins are important for new leaders, but not all victories are created equal. External wins outside of the organization or team are more impactful than internal ones. Individual wins, either external or internal, can be counterproductive if a leader hasn’t yet gained the support of his or her team.   External/Team Early Wins […]

How Leaders Can Inspire Action through Compelling Storytelling

Great communication changes people. It changes the way they feel. It changes what they do. The secret to inspiring others is connecting an idea or a vision with a hope or a need. Great communicators leverage their message and story in one way or another to make a connection and compel change. HOPEHIV’s Phil Wall […]

Following Gabrielle Giffords’ BRAVE Leadership

Image by Talk Radio News Service via Flickr We are witnessing an amazing tale of overcoming adversity unfolding in real time. We all know the story of how Gabrielle Giffords was one of thirteen people injured, while six others were killed, in gunfire a year ago. We all have seen the stories of the miraculous […]

Paul Callahan Wins the Match Race Inside the Fleet Race to Go Back to the Olympics


    Paul Callahan won the Olympic trails this past weekend and will represent the USA again  in the Paralympic Sonar class in the UK this upcoming summer.  I previously talked about Paul in an article on Forbes.com on how Positive Misdirection Instills Confidence.  Paul is one of my personal heroes – win, lose or […]