Yahoo! CEO Scott Thompson’s New Leader’s 100-Day Action Plan

Image via CrunchBase Sometimes new leaders can take their time onboarding into new positions. Sometimes new leaders start new jobs as if they’re jumping onboard moving trains and must accelerate just to land. But when a new leader jumps onboard a train that has already left the station, things are particularly tricky. This is what […]

Onboarding is a confidence game


Our firm runs confidence games.  The business result we deliver is helping new leaders and their teams deliver Better Results Faster.  The personal win we deliver is a reduced risk of failure.  But what we're really doing is helping new leaders and their teams build, communicate, and instill confidence.   We have three ideas: 1) […]

Onboarding logic


Like the duck sailing smoothly along the surface while paddling like mad underneath, what looks like a logical, sequential approach to onboarding is actually an ongoing series of constant iterations. In The New Leader's 100-Day Action Plan, we tell people moving into new jobs or new roles to follow three steps: Prepare in advance Manage […]

What do you think…?

breakfast meeting

"What do you think…?" is a request for input.  Unlike seeking direction from others, requesting input is a sign of confidence, not weakness. What's surprising is that more people don't ask that question – particularly people onboarding into new jobs.  Onboarding is not a game.  It's not a test.  It's a time to move from […]

Onboarding just ahead of the curve


You want to be ahead of the curve in onboarding – but not too far ahead of the curve. I It's a Goldilocks sort of thing.  If you're behind everyone else, you're not in control.  Too cold. If you're too far ahead of everyone else, you're not leading.  You're out for a walk on your […]