Three Steps to a Compelling Message

Compelling messages rarely appear out of thin air. Messages that make a real impact are the result of a lot of hard work, even though some business leaders and politicians seem to be able to create messages like magic.  For the rest of us: Depict the platform for change Create a vision of a brighter […]

Communication basics: who what how

  Whether you are onboarding into a new firm, taking on a new leadership role, or managing a team transition, the communication basics always apply.  Three critical decisions should guide everything you say and do and don't say and don't do: Who you are talking to What you want them to understand and feel How […]

Emotional Positioning

  As a new leader, everything communicates. And we're all new leaders all the time.  The core of your communication must be your message.   But how do you get to the right message? The answer lies in the three components of emotional positioning: benefit, support, character.  Any of you that were trained by anyone […]

The Words are Not the Message


We have all been taught the importance of staying on message.  Unfortunately, "message" is one of those over-used words that has come to mean different things to different people.  Let's focus on one of Webster's definitions of message: "An underlying theme or idea" We often use a set of words as a short-cut to the […]

Crisis Management: Be Do Say


Good article by Peter S. Goodman in the New York Times (8/22/10) on “In Case of Emergency: What Not to Do”.  He looks at how British Petroleum, Toyota, and Goldman Sachs handled or mishandled their recent PR debacles.  On the one hand, he points out that, “As conventional wisdom has it, the three companies at […]