Best Advice for New JCPenney CEO: Sell Quickly

Sooner or later JCPenney is going to go away. The best thing their new/old CEO Myron Ullman can do is to make it go away as soon as possible. The faster he can sell its assets to one of the winning retailers, the better for all involved.

BRAVE Leadership

BRAVE leadership is not about you as the leader. It’s about inspiring and enabling others. You can earn their devotion to an important cause by focusing on behaviors, relationships, attitudes, values, and the environment and asking and answering five questions

New Ideas in Onboarding Thought Leadership

The most important new ideas coming out of last week’s Conference Board Onboarding Lab include 1) Deploying a systemic integrated approach to onboarding, 2) Personalizing onboarding efforts and 3) Not leading until you’ve earned the right to lead. I helped lead last week’s session along with authors Ed Betof, Michael Watkins, Mark Stein and Lilith […]

Twenty Four BRAVE Frameworks for a Happy New Year


Happy New Year!  My gift to you is 24 BRAVE frameworks that can help make your coming year happier.  Headlines here.  Click through to the original articles (on a combination of and PrimeGenesis) for more. Happiness is good – Three goods: good for others, good for me, good at it Five components of BRAVE […]

BMW’s Focus on Sustainability Drives Record Q1 Profits

BMW drives record profits by focusing on what’s important, owning the things they need to own, and partnering with others where and when they can.