Leverage the Fuzzy Front End Between Accepting and Starting a New Job

Follow six steps to jump-start your approach, stakeholders, message, relationships, set up and 100-day action plan.

100-Day Action Plan: A Cheat for the Good

  Let me be clear from the start.  Most cheating is bad.  Fraud, dishonesty, unfaithfulness are hard to condone.  But some cheating is good.  No one gets too upset if a shortstop cheats towards second base or a center half-back cheats towards the left side. 100-day action plans are some of the highest, best forms […]

Leverage the Fuzzy Front End

dance with me

At first, Nathaniel did not buy the concept that he should start before his “official” Day One.  He wanted to take some time off so that he could show up at his new job rested and relaxed.  Further, he felt uncomfortable asking for meetings before he was “officially” on the job.  Eventually he agreed to try […]

PrimeGenesis Onboarding Prep Workshops Can Now Be Self-Managed Online At NewJobPrep.com

Prepare to Succeed in Your New Job or Role The best time to prepare to succeed in a new job or role is after you accept and before you start. NewJobPrep.com guides you through the best course of action from job acceptance through day one, including preparation of a personal 100-Day Action. Plan.  Based on […]