When And How To Shock An Organization For Its Own Good

As an executive onboarding into a new role you must choose between assimilating in, converging and evolving or shocking the organization. Shocking creates a hot landing requiring careful preparation and immediate action.

Top 10 Dos and Don’ts for Onboarding a New Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officers can make a world of difference – if their onboarding sets them up for success.

The Next First (and Only) 100 Days

Cover of Franklin D. Roosevelt In his recent New York Times column, The Next First (and Only) 100 Days, Thomas Friedman makes the point that Since F.D.R., we’ve measured presidents by their “first 100 days.” But now it’s really “the only 100 days.” He goes on to talk about the need for the next president […]

The New Leader’s Playbook


Moving into new roles are crucible events of leadership and some of the toughest challenges people face. Nearly half of new leaders fail in their first 18 months. In that light, four things make a big difference: Get a head start – Manage the message – Build the team – Follow through to sustain momentum and deliver results.

Onboarding in a Dystopian Obfuscational Corporella

Fun House

The ideal organization is marked by a transparent focus by all on a meaningful and rewarding shared purpose.  Unfortunately, many organizations are more dystopian than utopian, more obfuscational than clear, and have subplots upon subplots in the many corporellas taking place at the same time.  It’s often hard to find the main nugget, heart of […]