C2-MTL – Exploring the relationship between creativity and commerce

C2-MTL stage photo by Jimmy Hamelin

hugely varied experience from global success stories and thinkers to old friends to new friends with a hard-copy magazine in Missoula Montana (Mamalode) to arromatics to ubiquitous geo-location intelligent sensor networks

Innovation Tips From Richard Branson, John Mackey, Bobbi Brown And Others

Neri Oxman at C2-MTL photo by Allen McEachern

The holy grail of innovation is the Eureka moment – the sudden breakthrough. Those moments don’t happen in vacuums. They have preludes and second acts. So prepare in advance, focus on solving problems, and follow through.

Innovation Follow Through – Diane von Furstenberg

Diane von Furstenberg photo by Allen McEachern

DVF’s ongoing success is directly related to Von Furstenberg’s drive to succeed on her own (at first), prove she was not a one-shot wonder (later), and leave a strong brand as her legacy (now).