C2-MTL – Exploring the relationship between creativity and commerce

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hugely varied experience from global success stories and thinkers to old friends to new friends with a hard-copy magazine in Missoula Montana (Mamalode) to arromatics to ubiquitous geo-location intelligent sensor networks

Innovation Tips From Richard Branson, John Mackey, Bobbi Brown And Others

Neri Oxman at C2-MTL photo by Allen McEachern

The holy grail of innovation is the Eureka moment – the sudden breakthrough. Those moments don’t happen in vacuums. They have preludes and second acts. So prepare in advance, focus on solving problems, and follow through.

Innovation Breakthroughs: Focus on unsolved problem

Many of Bobbi Brown’s innovations have come from thinking “It would make so much sense if…” She describes these as “Random ideas mixed with common sense.”