Our Team

The people described here will push you hard: Ed BancroftBill BermanGeorge BradtJayme CheckBill CrainJoe DurrettRob GregoryHarry KangisKiki KarpenRoger NeillGeorge OlcottSusi PennellaMary VonnegutThomas Yang

These are not the people you would call on to have a series of pleasant meandering conversations.  This group has the knowledge, skills, and attitude required to drive you and your team to deliver Better Results Faster in the most challenging circumstances.  If that's what you're looking for, read on, starting with our five core values: 1) Commitment to mastering transformational leadership; 2) Better results faster for every client; 3) Integrity beyond reproach; 4) Doing what's right for clients over the long run; 5) Collaborative, supportive teamwork. (Follow this link or scoll to bottom of page for more on PrimeGenesis' tenets.)

George Bradt, Managing Director, has a unique perspective on helping executives accelerate transitions based on his combined senior line management and consulting experience. Prior to founding PrimeGenesis, George served as chief executive of J.D. Power's Power Information Network spin off and in general management, marketing and sales at Coca-Cola in Europe and Asia, Procter & Gamble and Unilever and is a principal of CEO Connection.  George contributes a weekly column to Forbes.com, The New Leader's Playbook. AB Harvard; MBA Wharton. gbradt@primegenesis.com

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Susanne Pennella, LL.D., Managing Partner PrimeGenesis Europe, is an Austrian native with 20+ years of Management, Human Resource and Legal experience in Europe and the United States. Her rare ability to think cross-functionally as well as cross-culturally led to outstanding successes at Procter & Gamble in both brand management and human resources. Susanne was also a Law Professor and Assistant District Attorney. Doctorate in law, Salzburg University. spennella@primegenesis.com

Thomas Yang President, International Callaway, SVP International Starbucks, senior leadership positions internationally with Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, and Clorox. Board of Advisors University of San Diego Business School.  Board of Governors of Gemological Institute of America.  BS University of Colorado, Masters Degree for the American Graduate School of International Management (Thunderbird). tyang@primegenesis.com

George Olcott, PhD, Managing Partner PrimeGenesis Asia. Current non-executive director of Nippon Sheet Glass and former Managing Director, Head of Equity Capital Markets for UBS Warburg in Tokyo. Previous roles in Warburg and UBS, as well as Shell and Swire. Author of "Conflict and Change: Foreign Ownership and the Japanese Firm." Fluent in Japanese. Oxford undergraduate, INSEAD MBA, PhD from Cambridge where he is a teaching fellow. golcott@primegenesis.com

Bill Berman, PhD, a clinical and consulting psychologist, has worked with a number of public and private companies, including Xerox, Unilever, Clinical Communications Group, Diageo, and Kaiser-Permanente. He is co-author of 3 books and over 50 articles on a variety of psychology and business topics. He is a fellow of the American Psychological Association, is board-certified by the American Board of Professional Psychology, has taught at Cornell Medical College and Fordham University and is a principal of Berman Leadership Development. AB Harvard; PhD Yale. bberman@primegenesis.com

Bill Crain, President/COO of London Fog, Gitano Group, Buxton, Lee Jeans and Child Guidance. EVP/Group President, Crystal Brands and VF Corp. Marketing at General Mills. Seasoned consumer products GM with extensive experience in both highly structured corporate and entrepreneurial environments. Particularly adept at turnaround situations, accelerating change and integrating teams across functions. BA Duke; MBA Stanford. bcrain@primegenesis.com

Ed Bancroft has diverse organizational development consulting experience across retail, telecommunications, electronics, manufacturing, health care, financial services and the utility industry. Ed has served in senior leadership roles at both Mercer Human Resources, as a worldwide partner, and at Watson Wyatt as worldwide leader for performance management services. BA at Lake Forest College; Masters, Loyola University, Chicago. ebancroft@primegenesis.com

Harry Kangis, President of P&G's Millstone gourmet coffee subsidiary, GM of the Home Entertainment Network, VP Marketing for Kenner Toys and COO for Nutrition Technology Corp. A 25+ year marketing and general management veteran, who has managed a broad range of challenges from mature consumer packaged goods brands to a wide variety of innovative service and product start-ups and is a principal of One Page Solutions. BA Williams; MBA Wharton. hkangis@primegenesis.com

Jayme Check, Managing Partner PrimeGenesis West U.S., is a proven leader with excellent motivational skills and a history of achieving results in traditional and entrepreneurial environments from Wall Street to Asia. He has broad-based experience in sales, business development and strategy at Guidance Solutions, NHI, Cape Enterprises, Brice Manufacturing and J.P. Morgan and is a principal of Quantum Leap Associates. BS Syracuse; MBA UCLA. jcheck@primegenesis.com

Joe Durrett, CEO of Information Resource, Broderbund Software and Advo. Senior line positions at Kraft General Foods including SVP of sales and President of Grocery Products, and Procter & Gamble. Throughout his career, Joe has driven dramatic increases in revenue, profitability and value for companies he has served on the boards of, run, worked in and consulted to. BA Duke; MBA Wharton. jdurrett@primegenesis.com

Kiki Karpen, Managing Director of PrimeGenesis' work with nonprofits. Strong leadership, management, and fundraising experience with a wide variety of nonprofit and community organizations, most recently as Executive Director of The Community Fund/Darien United Way. Experience in philanthropy, community engagement, education and advocacy. She has served on nonprofit advisory boards at the University of Connecticut and Fairfield County Community Foundation, and is a past President of the League of Women Voters of CT. Karpen Consulting LLC. Brown University. kkarpen@primegenesis.com

Mary Vonnegut, President Gumps Catalog and SVP Marketing Hanover Direct, VP Marketing Ross-Simons and COO Passport Internationale has worked across major functional areas including strategic planning, database marketing, direct response merchandising and merchandise fulfillment operations. Mary has worked with diverse product categories from high-end jewelry to moving and storage franchise services in both entrepreneurial and corporate environments and is a principal of MarketMyBz. BA Middlebury; MBA Harvard. mvonnegut@primegenesis.com

Rob Gregory, CEO with an unusual mix of senior experience in both the private and public sectors and an extraordinary record of success managing both large profitable companies and turnaround situations. As President of VF Corporation, he and his team tripled its sales to $3B and grew its profit 500%+ to turn it into the largest and most profitable publicly held apparel company in the world at that time. Served on the boards of over a dozen companies including Gitano, London Fog, Promus Hotels, Frisby International and USF&G. BA Wofford; law degree U. South Carolina; AMP Harvard. rgregory@primegenesis.com

Roger Neill, CEO/Managing Partner of Lintas Australia, Synectics Corporation, Center for Creativity – City University London.  Helped Sam Wanamaker re-build Shakespeare's Globe in London.  Started his working life as a professional rock musician.  Roger is one of the world's thought leaders on innovation and creativity.  Based in London, UK, he writes, speaks and conducts masterclasses and workshops around the world and is a principal of Per Diem Consultingrneill@primegenesis.com

Global Reach

1) Our partners are physically located in cities across North America, Europe, and Asia

2) We have alliances in China, India and over 50 countries so we can serve clients' needs around the world with a combination of our partners' expertise and local knowledge.

PrimeGenesis Tenets

We choose to work with senior leaders transitioning into complex situations. This is where we can make the most valuable impact.

We help leaders, their teams and stakeholders come through the crucible of onboarding better off than they were going in. In doing so, we hold fast to the following values: 1) Commitment to mastering transformational leadership; 2) Better results faster for every client; 3) Integrity beyond reproach; 4) Doing what's right for clients over the long run; 5) Collaborative, supportive teamwork

We strive to be as good as it gets at delivering executive onboarding assistance based on our experienced team of executives, tools/books, and perspective built with a single-minded focus on this one thing. We have a proactive-reactive posture, positioning our ideas and resources ahead of the curve to meet onboarding needs as they arise. Our culture is marked by perseverance and a deep commitment to what matters.

We contribute, connecting directly with new leaders in advance of day one – at one of their most vulnerable moments. We engage with them intensely over their first 100-days and then keep in touch over time, helping when and how we can.

We have a rock-solid, crystal-clear process that we never follow the same way twice. Instead, we do whatever is required to help new leaders and their teams get done in their first 100-days what would normally take 6-12 months. They deliver better results faster, with a reduced risk of failure, and BRAVE confidence.