Total Onboarding Program Workshop

Deliver better results faster every time you hire with this integrated approach to recruiting, hiring and accelerating

Participant Benefits

·   A step-by-step Total Onboarding Program all hiring managers can implement, easily

·   A valuable skill set that makes participants standout successes at hiring and delivering results

·   Time saved, effort spared, mistakes prevented every time you fill a role

Workshop Description

The Total Onboarding Program (TOP) is a four or eight-hour, on-site participative workshop lead by PrimeGenesis, the leading executive onboarding and transition acceleration consulting firm.  PrimeGenesis partners who facilitate TOP workshops are experienced senior line managers and onboarding experts.  (We have also done “public” workshops around the world.)

TOP assumes that the only reason to hire is to deliver the business results that cannot be delivered without that hire. So, business objectives frame every step of recruiting, hiring and accelerating performance the TOP way. By putting hiring managers at the center of an integrated approach to talent acquisition, TOP sets up teams and organizations to deliver better results faster.

The Total Onboarding ProgramBased on Onboarding: How to Get Your New Employees Up to Speed in Half the Time by George Bradt and Mary Vonnegut (Wiley 2009), and The Total Onboarding Program by George Bradt and Ed Bancroft (Pfeiffer 2010), the workshop delves into five success factors:

·   Align your organization around the need for your hires and around the details of each role

·   Acquire the right team members in the right way

·   Accommodate by preparing your new hires to do real work right away

·   Assimilate by managing announcements and proactively helping with engagement

·   Accelerate results by supporting your new hires with resources and purpose-driven leadership

Upon completion participants are fully prepared and equipped with the knowledge and tools they need to deliver better results faster each time they fill a role with a new or promoted team member.


The Total Onboarding Program workshop is essential training for anyone hiring people in any type of organization, at any level.

What Participants Say

“One of the most valuable refresher courses in leadership I’ve ever seen…a way of turning ideas into action that (will have) a lasting impact…(will) help me and my team be better over time.”

“Really an eye opener for me. Onboarding should/can start earlier than I’d ever thought and should/can be more structured.”

“An empowering process – raises the standards (gives leadership a backbone/structure) – the whole idea of hiring manager empowerment to lead the process.”

“Found the tools, checklists, best practices, and ‘just do it’ attitude particularly valuable.”


“George is really great…He was bubbly, friendly, approachable and he actually listened to his audience.  His fertile effervescent mind came through on stage; sharing his stories, insights and experiences to an otherwise docile crowd.

I was surprised but pleased at how he transformed the docile and timid participants into a chattering crowd craving for more.

One participant said, “George is really friendly and unassuming, despite being a best-selling author.”   One of my staff said, “He actually listens. and he accommodates the audience suggestions.”

Overall, it was a great learning experience for all of us.  For those of you contemplating about organizing this event…”JUST DO IT!”

– Tan Aik Seng – Cornerstone’s Executive Workplace International, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Contact Information

PrimeGenesis can offer the Total Onboarding Program workshop at your organization to your employees, clients or other group.  Call +1-203-323-8501 or email for more information.

PrimeGenesis helps new leaders and their teams get done in 100 days what normally takes 6-12 months.