Onboarding Prep Session

You Accepted The Offer…Now What? Prepare to succeed before you start

With 40% of newly appointed executives lasting less than 18 months*, how you start a new assignment is critically important. Take charge of your own transition. Prepare to succeed by going through a PrimeGenesis Executive Onboarding Preparation Session to craft your own, personal 100-day action plan as soon as possible.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You do realize that in a (very short time) you were able to utterly rock my world and set myself/and (my new organization) on course for an amazing future. You’re my hero!”

“I now feel I can tackle my first two weeks with confidence and some semblance of a game plan.”

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By leveraging PrimeGenesis’ expertise

(We wrote the book on executive onboarding tools).

Senior operating executives and organizational development experts with extensive leadership transition experience, PrimeGenesis is single-mindedly focused on executive onboarding. In fact we wrote the book about executive onboarding tools, The New Leader’s 100-Day Action Plan. We are as good as it gets at helping newly appointed executives accomplish in 100 days what normally takes six months or more. PrimeGenesis clients succeed because they build great teams and deliver Better Results Faster.

Get going – right now

We conduct onboarding preparation sessions every Friday in the greater New York area.

  • Prepare to manage your transition.
  • Prepare to take charge before day one.
  • Prepare to build your high-performing business team.
  • Deliver Better Results Faster than anyone thought possible.

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Or follow this link for PrimeGenesis’ online onboarding prep workstreams.


You will finish the Executive Onboarding Preparation Session with your personal NEW LEADER’S 100-DAY ACTION PLAN ©.

In the session we devote particular attention to helping you:

  • Map your stakeholders (up, down, across…).
  • Discover your leadership message.
  • Create your pre-start and day one entry plans.

After the session you will receive unlimited email support from the PrimeGenesis partner who lead your session through day 100 in your new job.

Session Agenda

Executive Onboarding Preparation Sessions last four hours. Sessions are very personal, as our objective is to preparing individual leaders – and leadership is always personal! The following agenda items are, however, always included.

  1. Analysis of context and culture
  2. Stakeholder map (up, down, across, inside, outside)
  3. Your leadership message
  4. Personal set-up action plan
  5. Pre-start learning plan
  6. Pre-start conversation plan
  7. Day one strategy and entry plan
  8. Team acceleration building blocks timeline

*As Anne Fisher pointed out in New job?  Get a head start now – Fortune, 17-February, 2012, the failure rate for new executives “research shows has stood at about 40% for at least 15 years now” – “About 40% of executives who change jobs or get promoted fail in the first 18 months”.  In contrast, over 90% of the executives PrimeGenesis has helped since 2003 were either still in place or promoted at the 18 month point.