First-Time Leader Video Series

The First-Time Leader Video Series contains the opening comments for each of the modules of our First-Time Leader Workshop. In the workshop itself, these comments are followed by work on the tools from our book, First-Time Leader. Theoretically, if you listen to these comments, read the book, and diligently work the tools, you should be able to get most of the ideas. Even if you don't, the comments as a whole are designed to tell a story.

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(Note there's 7 minute trailer/preview for free and then a $99 charge to view the rest)

1 – Opening Comments

2 – Environment – Where to play

3 – Values – What matters

4 – Attitude – How to win

5 – Relationships – How to connect

6 – Behaviors – What impact

7 – Teams – Managing teams at different stages

8 – Closing comments