Our top 10 onboarding clients have used us over 140 times.

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Affinion * ALM * American Express * Ann Taylor * Armstrong * Atrenne * Axioma * Bausch + Lomb * Brook & Whittle * Brown-Forman * Boyd’s * Buyer’s Lab * Cadbury * Callaway * Calvert * Catalent * Camino * Combe * Connecticut Children’s Medical Center * Coty * Credit Information Bureau India * Dean Foods * Dental Services Groups * Duro Bag * Elizabeth Arden * Elsevier * Energizer * Enesco * EnsembleIQ * Fisher Scientific * Glaxo Smith Kline * GMAC * Hussman * Innerchange * Inner Workings * New York Islanders * Johnson & Johnson * JSI * Kimberly-Clark * Kinetic Concepts * Kraft Foods * Lectrus * LexisNexis * Life Plans * Liz Claiborne * McKinney * Merrill Lynch * MillerCoors * MTV * Neiman Marcus * New Balance * Newell Brands * New York & Company * Novo Nordisk * Opus * PCX * Pearson * Pepperidge Farm * Pinnacle * Playtex * Pure Red * Reebok * Restorix Health * Roche * Royal Bank of Scotland * Sanofi-Aventis * Scantron * Scholastic * Squan * State Street * Stirrings * StoraEnso * Sun * TransUnion * UBS * Unitek * Value Retail * Wind River Environmental * World Kitchen * The American Red Cross * The ARC * Audubon * The Barton Center * Cornell * The Community Fund of Darien * Counterpart * The Nature Conservancy * The New York Public Library * The Public Service Commission of Canada * Rebuilding Together * Ronald McDonald House * Teach for America * United Way * The University of Pennsylvania * Williams College * YWCA


Client Reviews

“I can recommend them without reservation to help any senior leader moving into a complex new role…”

Follow this link to read the full testimonial from LexisNexis’ former SVP of HR Robert Rigby-Hall

“It is worth the investment to give every leader a head start.”

Follow this link to read the full testimonial from Sun Products SVP of HR Gretchen Crist

“We accomplished nearly a year of positive change within a month.”

Follow this link to read the full testimonial for private equity firm Managing Director Ryan Heckman

“…orders of magnitude more valuable than we ever expected. Way above and beyond the call of duty and greatly appreciated by all.“

“The company’s willingness to invest in this to make me successful made me even more sure I joined a great company.“

“You brought out the best in me, gave me some necessary structure, and kept me from making stupid mistakes.“

“the PrimeGenesis process helped me

–       assimilate in faster

–       illustrate direction and commitment

–       establish quick common path and cohesive management team

–       define and set the transformation plan.“

“You will never really know how much value you brought to me and the
team over this week and December. I so look forward to more delightful and super focused and organized times with you two lovely people in the future.”

Managing Director

You are at the top of my list now…I’m quite impressed with your work and your results!”

VP Human Resources

“PrimeGenesis’ services are outstanding and an excellent match for private equity backed companies where there is a ‘need for speed'”

“Definitely moved me to a new place and now I am off and running…It was hugely helpful.“

“Found the combination of tools, experience and practical insights from the PrimeGenesis team to be extremely beneficial.“

“Got us to exactly where they promised they would with a process that’s agile and quick and lean enough to use every day. It’s amazing how far we have come.”
Division VP

“One of the most valuable things I’ve done in my business career.”

“Raised my own expectations of myself and of my team.“
Senior Vice President

“…did an absolutely outstanding job of getting us out of the blocks fast and effectively.“

“I absolutely would hire PrimeGenesis to help me or a senior team member onboard into a new role or job.  Why?  In short, because it worked for me.  (The 2 PrimeGenesis partners who worked with me and my team) provided invaluable coaching, guidance, structure, and focus as I was taking on leadership of an underperforming business unit.  The results speak for themselves: less than eight months after my start, my business unit – which had declining sales the previous two years – has returned to growth, with achievable 2011 growth acceleration forecasts supported by solid plans.   In addition, both the composition and morale of my team have transformed, with strong alignment around driving growth and executional excellence.“
Business Unit President

“Can’t thank you enough – truly the best money I have ever spent personally or professionally – seriously – I feel so empowered and “able” to march forward.“
Chief Human Resource Officer

“Talk about setting ourselves up for success…we have everything we need. A clear mandate, a burning desire around speed of execution and our top priorities. We’ve inspired and aligned our teams, built a sense of common purpose and collaboration…I have never been so satisfied with the
outcome as this one…you weaved your magic and brought all of these elements together to create a fantastic outcome.”

Chief Operating Officer

“You’re the real deal.“