The New Leader’s Journal October 7 (99) – 100-day recap

Tomorrow is 100 days.  Thought I’d pause to recap what I’ve accomplished so far. Got a head start. Having a plan in advance made a big difference.  I knew where I was going. Additionally, I’m still getting good feedback on those pre-start conversations.  My relationships with people I met before day one are still stronger […]

The New Leader’s Journal September 30 (92) – personnel adjustment

Did not see that coming.  Susan (my boss’ boss) is moving to a new role in the organization as a special assistant to the CEO.  (I smell an acquisition.)   Now my boss (Jack), the commercial director, is reporting directly to the CEO.   This feels like a major change with an enduring impact.  I’m […]

The New Leader’s Journal September 23 (85) – Quarterly meeting cadence

We’ve figured out our meeting cadence:   Weekly milestone updates (1 hour each – people live or by phone)   Monthly deep dive into one topic (1/2 day – people in sessions that are appropriate for them)   Quarterly business reviews (full day, all live).  Additionally, each quarter we’ll work one of four big things: […]

The New Leader’s Journal September 16 (78)- Roles Sort Impact

I guess I should have expected this, but I was surprised on two counts.   1)    Ellen didn’t want the role in investor relations. She wants to be head of marketing. If she can’t do it here, she says she’s going to find somewhere else to do it.  So we put her in a “special […]

The New Leader’s Journal September 9 (71) – Role Sort

Got my role sort figured out.   I’ve arranged for Ellen to move to a role in investor relations. With the IPO, that function is becoming increasingly important.  Ellen does have some strong communication skills.  She just never bought into me. Want her in the company – just not on my team. David stays where […]