How To Create And Assess Ideas Better

The path to better ideas runs through creating, assessing, pausing and then doing it again as appropriate. This is based on a couple of premises: 1) Beginnings are magic. 2) None of us is smart enough to make it perfect the first time. 3) All of us together are stronger than any one of us. […]

What You Can Learn From How The Best Shoeshine Organization

Reviewers say Jill Wright and her team at Executive Shine have created the “best”, “most amazing”, “awesome” shoeshine experience anywhere. She’s built this over three decades with an organization that delivers superior results, connects human-to-human  and makes the entire experience enjoyable for all. Three things to learn from her are 1) own the vision and […]

The Importance Of Filters In Communication

Everything communicates – everything you say and do and don’t say and don’t do. But not everything communicates the same things to everyone the same way. We each have our own filters. This is why it’s so important to take into account your audience’s historical and cultural context when trying to communicate with them and […]

Why The Route To Creativity Runs Through Distress

Want to prompt creativity? Make someone unhappy. If people are happy, there’s no need to change. But if people are faced with others’ or their own distress, they will work to find creative ways to bridge the gap from bad to good and unhappiness to happiness. Happiness is good – three goods: good for others, […]

Please And Thank You Leadership – Uncommon Common Sense

Your mother taught you to say please and thank you. Yet too many leaders ask the wrong people to do the wrong things in the wrong way and then reward the wrong behaviors and outcomes. Not you. Not any more. Instead, start paving the way for others to succeed by putting foundational systems in place, […]