Why Overcoming Inertia Takes Two Whys

No one changes until they believe they must change, can envision themselves in a better future and know how they can be part of the solution and way forward. This starts with their understanding: 1) Why they can’t keep doing what they have been doing the way they have been doing it and 2) Why […]

How To Turn Millennial Dummies Into Experts

Expert confidence is earned by investing in learning, practice and experience.

A Lesson In Stage Presence: Monalisa Versus Mariah Carey

Recognize and acknowledge the problem Bring the audience in to be part of the solution. Adjust

How To Leverage Consequences To Bridge From Principles To Practices

Make sure you are providing positive consequences to desirable behaviors and negative consequences to undesirable behaviors.

Why Accepting Failure As An Option Strengthens Strategic Planning

Our six-step process will allow you to create a complete and robust strategic plan.