Learn From ConAgra’s Forecasting Debacle. Switch To Range Forecasting.

range forecasts with explanations give you more and better information than do single-point forecasts

Want To Understand Why Things Are Happening? Dig Into The Details.

profit and loss statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements are retrospective pictures of what happened. To understand what is happening now and why requires a deep-dive into real time micro-level data

Why You Must Lead Differently As Your Team Grows

Just when you think you’ve got your team and situation figured out, things change – especially when you’re growing. As your team grows, focus on a different component of the BRAVE leadership framework. The BRAVE approach helps leaders build their team by uniting them around a shared purpose, and it reflects an acronym that stands […]

Leadership Lessons From New Republican Messaging On Debt Ceiling

the road to a productive conversation is through a positive, forward looking message and not through messages designed merely to make the others look worse than you.

The Difference Between Value-Creating Corporate Giving And Counterproductive Distractions

Make sure you’re articulating what you’re doing and why it’s good for others AND good for your organization. Keep distractions to a minimum by leveraging and building your existing strengths