Driving Growth Across Industries With The What, How And Who Approach

once you’ve determined where to play and locked in what matters and why, pivot off attitudinal choices around what, how and who on the way to connecting with your team to spur high impact actions.

Want Your New Employees’ Personal Commitment? Take Their Onboarding Personally.

The only way to get personal commitment from new employees is for you and your managers to commit to them personally, starting with how you onboard them.

When And How To Shock An Organization For Its Own Good

As an executive onboarding into a new role you must choose between assimilating in, converging and evolving or shocking the organization. Shocking creates a hot landing requiring careful preparation and immediate action.

New Leader Ideas 2013: Get The Job. Onboard Well. Be BRAVE.

sharpening interview skills to get the job, managing executive onboarding well to accelerate progress in a new job and putting the concepts of BRAVE leadership in place to deliver better results faster.

How To Bridge Unanticipated Discontinuities

Bridge unexpected discontinuities with preparation, discipline and flexibility all the same time. To take advantage of crises and opportunities, be ready, be strong, be open to the possibilities that interrupt your plans.