How You Must Change Your Strategic Approach Given Emerging Ecosystems

How You Must Change Your Strategic Approach Given Emerging Ecosystems The evolution of strategic advantage has changed from tracks to pipes and now to platforms. In the old old days, the people that made all the real money didn’t own the railcars or the goods; they owned the tracks those cars traveled on. In the […]

How Boards and Management Best Create Value Together

In the best value-creating partnerships, Management appreciates its board members’ oversight, approval and advisory roles and provides those board members with the information they need to do those well. For their part, board members are careful not to confuse oversight, approval or advice with delegated accountability and responsibility and let Management manage. The key to […]

The Secret to Resolving Disagreements

By finding and leveraging higher-level things you agree on you can turn different perspectives from disablers to enablers right before everyone’s eyes. The key is to put principles before problems.

Learning From The School Of Rock’s Community-Focused Approach To Inspiring Passion

The art of leadership begins with figuring out what inspires the people you lead – what buttons ignite their passions, what chords touch their souls. School of Rock CEO Chris Catalano believes that “music is fundamentally a part of the human soul, it is the universal language of mankind.” In an interview, he told me […]

C2-MTL – Exploring the relationship between creativity and commerce

C2-MTL stage photo by Jimmy Hamelin

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