BRAVE Leadership Talk

Leadership is about inspiring and enabling others to do their absolute best together to realize a meaningful and rewarding shared purpose. While people do follow an engaging leader for a time, they devote themselves over time to the cause of a BRAVE leader who inspires and enables them in the pursuit of that cause. Those leaders pay attention to their teams' environment, values, attitudes, relationships and behaviors helping the team think through and act on five questions:

What impact?                         – Behaviors

How to connect?                    – Relationships

How to win?                           – Attitudes

What matters and why?         – Values

Where to play?                       – Environment

GeorgeBradtIn this talk George Bradt explores how leaders help their followers answer those questions through what they say, what they do, and who they are. It draws on insights gleaned from George’s own experience as a senior line manager and consultant and from what George has learned from those he has interviewed and studied for his weekly New Leader’s Playbook columns on The various columns have featured leaders of business, government, community, military, creativity, media, the arts, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and everyday heroes and, in turn, provide the examples for George’s new book First-Time Leader.

The talk is illustrated with these leaders’ stories and provides concrete ideas attendees can apply to strengthen their own BRAVE leadership in order to inspire and enable others.

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"The group loved it…(100% top 2 box rating)…I think it is fair to say you were an uncontested success!!"

"You played it incredibly well. People like the way you present: the material, your style, your energy."

"Your presentation was most interesting and terrific food for thought. Thanks for taking the time and challenging our thinking."  See more comments

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