Know When To Walk Away

Don’t waste your time on problems or people you can’t help

Disney’s Best Ever Example Of Motivating Employees

The best examples of things that motivate others over the short-term almost always involve surprise and delight

The Only Three True Interview Questions For Potential Board Directors

board interviews are all about matching candidates’ strengths, motivation and fit with board needs.

The Power Of Building Winners Instead Of Trying To Win

It is better to focus on building winners than on trying to win because that approach is better for the individuals and for the team and it delivers better results over time.

How Boards and Management Best Create Value Together

In the best value-creating partnerships, Management appreciates its board members’ oversight, approval and advisory roles and provides those board members with the information they need to do those well. For their part, board members are careful not to confuse oversight, approval or advice with delegated accountability and responsibility and let Management manage. The key to […]

Executive Onboarding From A Subordinate’s Perspective

everyone is watching and everyone has the same question, “What does this mean for me?”

Bootstrapping A Start Up? Three Keys To Success.

Bootstrappers have to embrace simplicity. Deliver a real benefit. Communicate it relentlessly. Manage your cash.

Grayson Allen Steps Up In Duke NCAA Win. Are Your Freshmen Ready?

If, like Mike Krzyzewski, you have built a culture of success, and invested in onboarding and preparation, they probably will be ready.

The Art and Science of Team Optimization

The world needs three types of leaders: artistic, scientific and interpersonal. And the world needs them to work together to change feelings, knowledge and behaviors as a team.

Why You Should Lead Outside In Instead Of Inside Out

The true measure of success is not in the organizations, infrastructure or people leaders attract and develop, but in what those organizations, infrastructure and people get done for others.