The Fundamental Difference Between Leading And Managing: Influence Versus Direction

Leaders influence. Managers direct.

The Three Keys To Leading Virtual Teams

Trust. Clarity. Vision.

Why You Should Never Make Or Take Job Counter Offers

Job counter offers are lame attempts to correct past omissions and are almost never successful.

Why Audiences Get The Performances They Deserve

Audiences get the performances they deserve. Those paying less attention get less attentive performers. Those listening quietly allow performers to do what they set out to do. Those that engage in the highest quality listening and appreciation inspire the highest quality performances and develop the highest quality relationships. Multi-task while your child, spouse, friend, colleague, […]

Why You Must Make Culture The Centerpiece Of Your Onboarding Program

the most important and generally least well implemented part of onboarding is integration into the cultural.

Learning From The CEO Connection Mid-Market Convention

ideas, learning, connections and resources

The Four Things That Make Great Stories Possible a la Paul Durand-Ruel

vision, positioning, investment and championing

How To Fix The Fundamental Flaw In How You Measure Customer Satisfaction

measuring the wrong thing the wrong way and then doing the wrong things with the information anyway

Heed the Pope: Eliminate False Tradoffs in Creating Jobs for Veterans

Business is a noble vocation, directed to producing wealth and improving the world.

The Three Pillars Of A Catalytic Leader Per Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst

Enable. Earn. Encourage.