What Apple Must Do To Avoid Compound Errors

They need to come clean with all the bad news today and establish expectations for the future they can meet and beat.

Why Onboarding Must Start With Context

Different contexts require different approaches to onboarding.

How NFL Concussion Fixes Were Delayed By Bennet Omalu’s Failure To Ask Who Cares Most

he spent years focused on the wrong people instead of those who care most.

Learning From Disney’s Staggering CEO Succession Failure

Did well on planning ahead and building strengths and not well on managing the transition.

Why BMW’s Strategies Are Theoretically Elegant And Practically Useless

too generic and fail to make choices

How to Handle Good and Bad Mistakes

encourage intentional mistakes with minor impact and consider, prevent or excuse the rest.

Duende: The Secret to Stories that Produce Goose Bumps, Chills and Tears

If you want your stories to change the way people feel, unleash duende – the creative spirit.

Why You Should Eliminate Your Chief Innovation Officer

The whole premise behind a Chief Innovation Officer goes beyond useless to completely and utterly counter-productive.

Why Adding Constraints Increases Innovation

The more limited you are, the more creative you have to be

How To Tap The Only Three Types Of Creativity

Connective, component and blank page creativity. That’s it. Those three.