A Lesson In Stage Presence: Monalisa Versus Mariah Carey

Recognize and acknowledge the problem Bring the audience in to be part of the solution. Adjust

Five Steps To Hatch A Breakthrough Offsite Experience

Disruptive environment. Shared purpose. People and program. Deeper connections. Practical actions.

How To Get Others To Follow When You Lead By Example

One of the main insights from PrimeGenesis’ executive onboarding work over the past decade goes to the advantage of converging before evolving.

How To Leverage Consequences To Bridge From Principles To Practices

Make sure you are providing positive consequences to desirable behaviors and negative consequences to undesirable behaviors.

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Our six-step process will allow you to create a complete and robust strategic plan.

Why Organizations Get The Employee Engagement They Deserve

Hyper-committed people aren’t going to follow your direction. They’re going to do whatever it takes to drive the organization’s purpose.

12 Ways To Make Matrix Organizations More Effective

what matters most is what top leadership says and does and how that flows through the organization

How to Become the ‘Must Hire’ Candidate in a Job Interview

Convince them you can solve their most important, hidden, underlying problems

New Bosses Mean New Rules — Here’s How To Adapt.

Watch out for unanticipated, unrealized changes to the unwritten rules.

The Joy Of Being Wrong When A Subordinate Disagrees With You

You want the people around you to bring their different perspectives to the game