Future Capability Planning in Action: Bosch’s Acquistion of Battery-maker Seeo

If you’re not going to follow up your long-term strategic planning with future capability planning, don’t even bother starting

Practical Strategy Lessons From Jimmy Carter, Jason Day And Donald Trump

when to over-invest in must win situations, when to adjust as appropriate to keep on things track, and when to walk away

How You Must Change Your Strategic Approach Given Emerging Ecosystems

How You Must Change Your Strategic Approach Given Emerging Ecosystems The evolution of strategic advantage has changed from tracks to pipes and now to platforms. In the old old days, the people that made all the real money didn’t own the railcars or the goods; they owned the tracks those cars traveled on. In the […]

Three Keys To Refereeing Conflict

Positioning, Man Management, Decision-making

Overachievers And Underachievers: Feed One. Starve The Other.

you can help people achieve and over-achieve – but only if they’ve got it in them to start with. If they don’t, move on.

How David Taylor Should Manage His Own Onboarding As Procter & Gamble’s New CEO

David Taylor’s challenges as Procter & Gamble’s new CEO would be particularly acute. He would need to complete the next steps of P&G’s “shrink to grow” turn-around by reducing the bureaucracy and reorienting leadership around a new, yet-to-be clarified growth strategy. On the one hand, his transition into the role has been smoothly orchestrated. On […]

Build A Culture Of Winning Like The Dodgers, Ferrari, And Others – And Not Like The Cowboys

Product, customers and brand are inextricably linked in sustainable winning cultures

Managing Milestones — The Key To Successful Delegation

The more confidence you have in their ability to execute, the more leash you can give them.

How To Turn Seasonality Into A Competitive Advantage

You probably can’t change the underlying seasonality of demand. But you can choose whether to ignore, mitigate or leverage it.

The Root Cause Of Every Merger’s Success Or Failure: Culture

The game is won or lost on the field of cultural integration.