Why Walmart Had To Fire U.S. Head Bill Simon

when you’re onboarding into particularly complex situations, choose the right approach, deliver the results, and neutralize the detractors

Moses Was Wrong. Avoid Sprawl. Infill Cities (And Teams).

Social and work communities thrive in close proximity. Fight urban or corporate sprawl with infilling.

Rebranding? Be Like Blue Ribbon Sports (Nike)

A BRAVE approach to rebranding can make all the difference – like it did when Blue Ribbon Sports became Nike.

Learn From ConAgra’s Forecasting Debacle. Switch To Range Forecasting.

range forecasts with explanations give you more and better information than do single-point forecasts

What Bob McDonald Must Do In His First 100-Days As CEO To Shock The Veterans Administration

McDonald must build a team to help him tear apart and rebuild three critical processes in his first 100-days

Onboarding Options When Face-To-Face Onboarding Is Not An Option

Virtual tools are particularly well suited for indirect communication, can help with direct communication and are risky for emotional communication.

Why You Should Adopt Google’s Nested Approach To Office Layouts

The anthropological research across cultures indicates that groups of seven people, plus or minus two, create the strongest trust bonds and best reinforce cultural norms.

The Only Real Question Anyone Has About Any Change You Lead

“How does this affect me?” Until you provide an answer to that question, no one is going to pay any attention to anything else you say.

Trying to Manage Millenials? Give Up and Lead Them Instead.

Don’t even try to manage Millennials, the largest generation in the workforce. Lead them. Those born just before the turn of this last century are different. They must be inspired and enabled through BRAVE leadership.

How About An App To Measure Changes In Employee Commitment?

make sure you are paying attention to whatever leading indicators of employee attitude changes you can get hold of