The Recession is Coming. The Recession is Coming. Heed this Advice from CEO Connection Mid-Market CEO Convention Speakers

prepare in advance, watch out for early warning signs and manage through the disruption to come out even stronger on the other side

The Link Between Happiness And Personal Missions

how different missions call different people different ways leads to some people being happier than others

Wanamaker Was Wrong. The Vast Majority Of Advertising Is Wasted.

a very small proportion of your current and potential customers account for a very large proportion of your profitability

Why You Must Go From Insights To Strategy To Action In That Order Every Time

Going from insights to strategy to action increases the likelihood of success

Why You Must Treat Utilitarian, Emotional, And Fanatical Customers Differently

Continuity programs with utilitarians. Live your story with emotionally engaged. Treat fanatics as co-owners.