Why Managing Away Uncertainty is Seductively Counterproductive

Progress requires people to push the edges, challenge the status quo, break the boundaries into the realm of uncertainty

A 100-Day Action Plan For Starbucks New CEO – Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants

1) honor his predecessor, 2) keep what’s working and 3) build on that strong base to move forward.

The Devil Is In The Details But The Angels Are In The Vision

too much detail and bureaucracy can choke off creativity, innovation and doing what’s right for the people that matter most

Applying Electoral College Strategy To Your Organization

invest in the people and customers that create the most value for your enterprise and cut loose the people and customers that are holding you back

Why The Fundamental Strategic Choice Is Between Converging And Diverging

Areas in which you choose to converge require less effort and investment, freeing up resources to invest in areas that require more effort and investment to build meaningful advantages.