First-Time Leader/BRAVE Leadership Workshop

  Live workshop leveraging several lifetimes of leadership insights to accelerate success

Slide1“Incredible insight essential to leaders at all levels. I will refer back to these often.”  Jaime Mazza – HR Manager

If only I had known then what I know now about leadership.” Our goal for this workshops is that years from now…this thought will never cross any attendee’s mind. Most people become good leaders only after stumbling through new situations, making mistakes, and learning from them. Not those attending this workshop and reading the accompanying book. They benefit from several lifetimes of leadership insights, learning from others’ mistakes and positive experiences to cut out a lot of unnecessary stumbling and pain and accelerate their success as leaders.

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First-Time Leader Video Series

(or view videos of workshop opening modules)

AUDIENCE: Those looking to strengthen the fundamentals of their leadership in new or rapidly evolving roles.

PARTICIPANT BENEFITS: Accelerated success based on:

  1. BRAVE leadership framework and structure.
  2. Insights, examples, and stories gathered from a wide range of leaders.
  3. The First-Time Leader book and its 48 leadership tools.


  • Public workshops. $695/person (includes book and lunch)
  • Private group workshops at your convenience by arrangement: $10,000/day + $250 person (includes book and 1/2 hour private follow-on coaching session for each participant)
  • Video series of the opening modules of the workshop (7 minute trailer/overview free. Full access $99.)
  • Do-it-yourself kit for training professionals to run own workshop: $995 for script to help you leverage the video series and books.

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: The workshop builds a BRAVE leadership framework from the outside in:

  • Environment: the context for everything else in terms of where you are playing.
  • Values: the bedrock of a high performing team – what really matters and why.
  • Attitude: strategic, posture, and culture choices around how to win.
  • Relationships: the heart of leadership. If you can’t connect, you can’t lead.
  • Behaviors: the actions that make real lasting impact on others.

We pull it all together by talking about onboarding into and leading teams of different sizes from smaller starter teams to larger teams that need to embrace hierarchy.

“Will help first-time leaders be BRAVE and inspire others to be BRAVE through its worksheets, steps, acronyms, lists, insights, real life stories which really provide color commentary to the content, and even simple stuff like running meetings.” Kris Adler – Program Manager

The workshop draws from the book, First-Time Leader, and its frameworks and downloadable tools. The book in turn draws from George Bradt’s own experience, previous books, and the 200+ articles he’s written for his weekly column on, The New Leader’s Playbook, capturing insights from others’ experiences.

“BRAVE is very useful to apply to many different leadership challenges from setting strategy to crafting effective communication plans. Loved the stories.” MaryBeth Schroeder – Director Talent Development and Internal Communication

The standard public workshop is geared to new leaders and those leading rapidly evolving teams and those supporting them. Alternately, organizations can choose from any of the components and tools from the First-Time Leader book to create their own private group workshop of almost any length geared for audiences of any size from rising leaders to senior executives.

“Combines crisp identification of critical leadership concepts with detailed and comprehensive resources to assist leaders (both new and experienced) of organizations of any size or function.” Seth Gardner – Executive Director

“It has been just three months since I attended your…First-Time Leader Workshop and your book with the same title has been the one I have referenced most in my work in this past quarter.” Manager

Standard Workshop Flow (9:00-5:00)

1 Welcome, Opening

BRAVE Framework

2 Environment – Where to play (Context)

Tool 4.2 SWOT

3 Values – What matters and why (Foundation)

Tools 5.1 Mission, 5.2 Vision, and 5.3 Values

4 Attitude – How to win (Strategic process)

Tool 6.1 Strategic Planning

5 Relationships – How to connect (Organizational process)

Tool 7.6 Recruiting Brief (focus on strengths)

6 Behaviors – What impact (Operational process)


7 Leading different sized teams

BRAVE culture evolution

8 Closing thoughts

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First-Time Leader Video Series

(or view videos of workshop opening modules)

Slide1First-Time Leader Book – Full tool list









2.1       Onboarding Risk Assessment

2.2       BRAVE Onboarding

4.1       5Cs Situation Analysis Guidelines

4.2       SWOT Form

4.3       Profit Pools

4.4       Where Play Choices

5.1       Mission

5.2       Vision

5.3       Values

6.1       Strategic Planning

6.2       Business Plan Elements

6.3       Posture Mapping

6.4       Culture Assessment Sheet

7.1       Communication Planning

7.2       Writing Guidelines

7.3       BRAVE Meeting Management

7.4       Press Interview Management

7.5       Recruitment Methods Analysis

7.6       Recruiting Brief

7.7       Job Requirement Checklist

7.8       Candidate Sourcing

7.9       Interview Guide

7.10     Interview Debrief Form

7.11     Reference Inquiry Authorization Form

7.12     Reference Inquiry

7.13     Offer Closing Process

7.14     Announcement Cascade

7.15     Accommodation Checklist

7.16     Assimilation Checklist

7.17     Acceleration Checklist

7.18     Career Planning

7.19     Development Plan

7.20     SMART Goals

7.21     Team Charter

7.22     People Management Tools

7.23     Managing Behavior

7.24     Performance Assessment

7.25     Succession Planning

8.1       Innovation Guidelines

8.2       Negotiating

8.3       Purchase Funnel

8.4       Strategic Selling

8.5       BRAVE Creative Brief

8.6       Senior Management Trip Planning

8.7       Milestone Management

8.7b     Weekly Milestone Report Form

8.8       Quarterly Cadence

8.9       Crisis Management Plan

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First-Time Leader Video Series

(or view videos of workshop opening modules)