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Our driving impetus is the hard-won knowledge that onboarding into a complex new situation is a crucible leadership event for all involved – and often not managed well – even if it’s an executive transition, merger or acquisition. This is why we have single-mindedly focused on building PrimeGenesis’ team, tools and perspective to a level that allows us to make high leverage contributions helping transitioning leaders, teams, and those involved in transition management deliver Better Results Faster. This is a good thing on its own – and one that has reduced the rate of failure for new leaders from 40% to 5%*.

He’d moved his family, his dog, and his wine from the USA to Japan for the job. It was a big deal for him and for the company. When he showed up day one, he was greeted with “Oh you’re here. We have to find you a desk and a phone and a computer.  But we’re really glad you’re here.”

Seeing this botched onboarding for a colleague was the initial catalyst for the creation of the onboarding tools that would eventually become the core of the PrimeGenesis approach and the foundation for our first book, The New Leader’s 100-Day Action Plan.

“You bring out the best in me”

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We are accelerators. We don’t do anything for our clients that they could not do themselves. It’s just that they leverage our team, tools, and perspective to get those things done faster – much faster. We bring out their strengths to make an impact on their results, their team, and themselves that is both immediate and enduring. That makes all the difference. Follow this link to learn how we do it.

Team of Senior Operating Executives & Organizational Development Specialists

We are senior operating executives and organizational change management specialists with deep and varied business experience. We come from many different countries, cultures, and industries: finance, consumer packaged goods, media, apparel, direct marketing… We are commited to striving to master transformational leadership as a way to help our clients deliver Better Results Faster. Review our partners’ experience and get their email addresses on our team page.

Wrote the Books on the Onboarding Tools in Use Today

We wrote the books on the onboarding tools many use today, literally: First, The New Leader’s 100-Day Action Plan (Wiley, 2006, 2009, 2011 and 4th edition coming in 2016) to change the way senior executives start new roles and undertake their critical first 100 days as new leaders.  Then, Onboarding (Wiley, 2009) to influence the way managers onboard new employees, and The Total Onboarding Program (Wiley/Pfeiffer, 2010) to help organizations implement a systemic approach to accelerating the performance of people going into new jobs or new roles. More recently we wrote The New Job 100-Day Plan (NewJobr 2012) to help people going into new jobs at any level and First-Time Leader (Wiley, 2014) to help, amazingly enough, people going into their first leadership roles or leading start-up teams. More on the our books page.

Perspective Based on Focus on Executive Onboarding & Transition Acceleration

What makes us unique is the perspective we’ve gained from a single-minded focus on executive onboarding and transition acceleration since our founding in 2003. It’s all we do. Our deliberate practice of helping leaders and teams deliver Better Results Faster over and over again makes us invaluable to the executives and teams we help. Our hard-won confidence and “tough love” approach is infectuous and addictive. It’s why our top ten onboarding clients have used us 140+ times. Follow this link to see more about our clients.

Why Executive and Team Onboarding?

EXECUTIVE ONBOARDING – Executives have very little time to deliver significant business results. A new leader who enters on day one without a well-thought through and structured plan is already behind, with the odds stacked against him or her. PrimeGenesis’ proprietary executive onboarding approach prepares the executive to get a head start, manage his or her message and build the team before the start, through a high-impact day one, then through a 100-day methodology that establishes a high performing business group aligned around shared purpose and a results-driven strategic action plan. The approach kicks off key strategic, operational, and organizational management processes by the end of a new leader’s first 100-days.

TEAM ONBOARDING – More recently we have applied this methodology to teams going through mergers or acquisitions, providing the leverage they need to accelerate value-creation. For mergers, acquisitions and the like, we help teams create and implement 100-day action plans to jump-start strategic, operating and organizational processes by the end of the new team’s first 100-days.

Executive Transition Overview

It is always essential to get the right leader in the right role. Increasingly, that’s not good enough. Even the best new leader can benefit from support and extra leverage during the transition period, particularly if the situation is especially complex.

Transition Accelerators are called for in those few, most complex situations where hands-on operationally experienced help is necessary. Analogies help here. Professional golfers have coaches AND caddies. Their coaches serve as behind the scenes advisors between tournaments. Their caddies, like harbor pilots and mountain climbing sherpas, provide advice and counsel, but their real value is in their tangible contributions on the field of play. They accelerate progress through what they do as well as what they say.  In the most complex transitions, that extra leverage can make all the difference.

Bottom line, we help leaders and  teams deliver Better Results Faster, reducing their rate of failure from 40% to 5% by giving them the leverage and the confidence to do what they were always capable of doing, just faster.

*As Anne Fisher pointed out in New job?  Get a head start now – Fortune, 17-February, 2012, the failure rate for new executives “research shows has stood at about 40% for at least 15 years now” – “About 40% of executives who change jobs or get promoted fail in the first 18 months”.  In contrast, over 95% of the executives PrimeGenesis has helped since 2003 were either still in place or promoted at the 18 month point.

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